Poems from my Sketchbook – Prague 2004


Shadow curled geometric

Light of sun on stucco

Inside a world of mirrors

Just out each side

To be understood

The arches and columns

Organs and music of


a bright flourish

of marbled angel passed

in sunshine of heaven ledges

Winged thoughts towards a

Patterned floor of

Geometric stars and violins

Stars Strokes of Voices Touch

My mind in silence through

Doors with windows leading

On and on forever

She floated for a while

In between art-nouveau

And shimmering pavements

It was time for them to

wear dark dresses

Their luggage

In the corridor

Published by Alice

I am an artist, creating painting, mixed media and film. My site provides information about my practice, exhibitions and works for sale. Please follow my blog for my latest updates.

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