Abstract Art



My abstract art consists of painting on canvas and other mediums. New media particularly allows me room for spontaneity and is very accessible when I decide to create quickly to hand.

Much of my work uses the Sketchbook App using the virtual tools. I find this technique liberating and it allows me broad access to experimenting with texture, tone and colour.

Solar 1- Nee Media – 2019.
Window – New Media – 2019
Part of who I am – New Media – 2019
As far as the eye can see – New Media – 2019.

City by the Sea 2019 Acrylic on paper and canvas.



My abstract work is an expression of thoughts and feelings. This can result in colour field painting or textured and built up areas of paint and mixed media. I enjoy creating spontaneous free flowing areas of expression. Sometimes I will work towards specific themes.

Here, I respond to my experiences and memories of working with people who have had dementia. In this video below I explore and confront my thoughts and feelings through my art of working within this area of healthcare in my past.