Artist Statement

My work has covered a range of themes and techniques. I am interested in painting the spiritual and emotional states. Issues that concern me are the decline of our natural environment, the mistreatment of animals, lack of women’s rights and how this has an effect upon our emotions, lives and wellbeing as I feel everything is interconnected. I use painting, textiles and film to express my thoughts and feelings in my art. My work can be abstract or figurative. It can also be mindful. When I paint I am very connected to the process of what I am doing and don’t isolate my work from my feelings. My work is a meditation and therapy, seeking harmony, expression and spiritual balance.

My paintings of women can be mindful or political. For instance, if I am creating an awareness painting on violence it can be contemporary or historical such as the plight of the witches in history. I have a fascination with herbs and creating herbal remedies which I see as another art form and links me to the women healers of the past. I paint women in a variety of ways to raise awareness of our diversity and complexity. I often create confessional emotional and atmospheric paintings based upon my feelings and responses to the world around me.

I enjoy using paint, mixed media and film. I particularly enjoy oil painting and textile art. Stitch is an important part of my work as it symbolises ancient traditions carried out historically by women to the present.

I create art because I enjoy the process of discovery and experimentation and also to convey a message. I find creativity therapeutic  and the ultimate way to explore meaning and balance in my life and surroundings. I feel, in many ways, that my works act as a diary of my lifetime, emotions and interests.

I can be contacted via my email  for exhibiting, commissions and for those interested purchasing an artwork.


I have had an unconventional route into art. I feel I am primarily self taught because my environment and life experiences have been my main inspiration. As a young girl, I was brought up in London and Plymouth, experiencing the mid seventies and nineteen eighties counterculture. I feel I have picked up most of my skills by going to exhibitions as well as watching and talking to other artists. My parents who were artists were  always wonderful to talk to and discuss art with and living in a variety of cities and travelling abroad in my youth contributed to much of my inspiration and development as an artist.

My main work was always painting and then I started to write poetry and create short experimental films.

I have curated exhibitions and organised poetry readings. Some of my illustrated writing has been published in books, magazines and anthologies.

I have travelled widely and since 2002, I have lived in Liverpool. I am married and have two daughters.


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