Artist Statement

I work within two areas, that of painting and film.  I enjoy creating works that explore my outer and inner world. Life is an enigma that I enjoy exploring and questioning through my art. My subjects are usually inspired by the environment I am in at the time, using my imagination, found art, the human figure and nature as my primary subjects. Symbols and motifs used in my work are often of women and animals in landscapes, tarot symbols and the use of colour and texture. My main medium is painting and sewing.

In my films, themes such as memory, dreams and emotions are my main interest with an emphasis on movement of the human body and the natural environment, particularly, water, trees and birds, provoking me towards creating transient and dream – like narratives.
This is often created in collaboration with musicians to create music that aligns itself with the atmosphere of the film. My mixed media art is a combination of real life and popular culture creating links and ambiguous dichotomies relating to memory and the present, using juxtapositions of imagery, colour and texture.

Contemporary artists that I am currently inspired by are Jenny Watson, Jacqui Hallum, Vivian Suter and Carla Kranendonk.