Artist Statement

I work within four areas, that of painting and mixed media, film and poetry. I enjoy creating works that explore what could be defined as the mysterious, the enchanted and the divine.

My visionary work is intuitive, working with feeling and responding to memories and emotions. I work from my imagination, responding to the world around me.I like to capture something spiritual and timeless within my paintings. My work can at times become abstract or realist in style.

My imaginary portraits are my own interpretation of women who have actually existed in history, memories of people I have met, including fictional characters, as if writing a story. I enjoy the creative and imaginative element of this process. Autobiographical elements can weave through my work.

Poems, legends and fairytales also inspire me. I have written and illustrated my own poems and stories.

Many artists have influenced me such as Botticelli, George Moreau, Hilma af Klimt, Vanessa Bell, Edvard Munch, Rauschenberg, William Blake, Odilon Redon and Bosch.

I enjoy the theosophist approach to art. I am seeking a space, a calm sanctuary but also I enjoy freedom of expression and this can allow for some cathartic pieces. My work, I feel is free and intuitive.

I am passionate about creating. I wish my art to be enjoyable for people to collect and own, artwork that someone can appreciate in their home or workplace but  I also create to solely distribute, publish and exhibit. This approach to my art lends itself to a more performative and conceptual approach within my practice.