Artist Statement


My works are primarily paintings, photography and film.  I enjoy the medium of canvas, fabric and paper with paint, oils and acrylic.  I have always enjoyed photographing architecture and landscape, particularly in black and white and have many photos I have taken of buildings here in the UK and abroad, inspired by form and design. My films are experiential. I am particularly inspired by the movement of light, water, plants  and birds in nature. I am also interested in popular culture, music and the night life of the city. Some of my films are performances containing people, stories and poetry and some are documentary stories or at times similar to music videos. 

My painting tends to be smooth and textured. I paint quickly, absorbing my subject with emotion but also seeking different levels of realism according to how I view my connection with the subject. I prefer to paint from life as I feel this captures the moment and atmosphere I am seeking. 

My paintings have undergone a number of developments over time from imaginary painting and portraits but currently my work has branched off towards realist and abstract painting, working in particular in context with Protest and Environmental Art. People tend to describe my works as urban landscapes and they enjoy engaging in where I have painted my subject. My realist work may spark inspiration for colour field and abstract painting. Sometimes I combine realism and imaginary work.

I usually paint what interests me in terms of how that subject has meaning and how it relates to me and the community. I may paint flowers on wasteland and this will indicate my interest of how nature still fights to grow within the confinement of neglected and discarded land or I may paint a building that has historical significance, is under threat of being demolished. I find this dichotomy between decay and renewal an interesting subject for my work. I think I am inspired by this theme because I feel it breaks down sociological boundaries. How we perceive and define the  areas we live in also affects a persons sense of where they belong. 

I think it is also important to help each other in terms of our environment.  I feel this brings people together, experiencing something similar. I feel it is important to save and to keep those things which are important, to live alongside harmonious space, nature, animals and wildlife in a environment that respects people animals, our health, heritage and well-being.