Her Other World Arts


Her Other World is an area of work where I focus on smaller more bespoke arts and crafts, using more traditional methods such as embroidery, furniture painting, glass fusing, clay modelling and decoupage.

For many years I have enjoyed creating individual craft items and small handmade artworks. These works tend to be inspired by certain artistic movements, traditions and genres, for instance folk art, surrealism, rococo, art nouveau and much more.

I am inspired by the art and design of various historical eras, particularly decorative antiques, jewellery and hand painted furniture. I find there are always facets of art history that I can bring to my approach.

The items I make are my own original designs for paintings, cards, prints, textiles, jewellery, collage and furniture. Sometimes my fine art crosses over with my crafts and the boundaries become entwined.This allows me room to be more experimental as I prefer to stay away from creating anything that fits into one category completely. These works are created to buy as gifts and are also original works of art in their own right.