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For many years I have enjoyed creating individual craft items and small handmade artworks. These pieces tend to be different than my other art. They are smaller, more affordable and I use and celebrate using more traditional methods. such as glass fusing, embroidery, fabric painting, collage and hand painted items. These works tend to be inspired by certain artistic movements, traditions and genres, for instance folk art, surrealism, rococo, art nouveau and much more. I am inspired by the art and design of many different historical eras. I find there is always a part of art history that I can bring to my approach, providing an element and mood of that era.I really enjoy this aspect of this work.

The items I make are my own original designs for paintings, cards, prints, textiles, jewellery, collage and hand painted items such as ceramics, wall hangings and tapestries. I enjoy embroidery and sewing. Sometimes my art crosses over with my crafts and the boundaries become blurred. This allows me room to be more experimental as I prefer to stay away from creating anything that fits into one category completely.  My arts and crafts are primarily created to buy as gifts, home decor and fashion items but they are also small, affordable original works of art. 

I have sold many of my items at craft fairs throughout Liverpool. I am a member of the Makers Market, MerseyMade and The Witch House in Liverpool. Further works of mine are for sale at my online etsy store. Further details about the items I make are listed below.

My Etsy Store

1 – Original Paintings and Prints

My smaller paintings tend to be imaginary paintings of women, Goddesses and historical inspired imagery, quirky imagery, popular culture and mystical works. Most of these are created on canvas and paper and are sold as original items and prints.They are sold with a picture mount or as an original small canvas. All my works are signed. 


2: Textile Works

My textile work involves a mixture of embroidery and fabric painting to create something original and vibrant, such as wall hangings for display in the home. These are sold with bamboo hangers for display. This work can be quite simple or it can be carried out to commission becoming a piece of work that is rich and full of detail. These works are often abstract or I paint directly onto the fabric instead of using traditional canvas.I tend to use a mixture of acrylic and fabric paint. The works are not intended to be washed. They are more for visual display in the same way as a painting.

tapestry 2

3: Collage and Mixed Media

My collage and mixed media is a combination of cutouts and my own painting. I will assemble these works on paper ready for framing or sometimes I will assemble them directly on to canvas. I sometimes sell these as prints so that the image can be reproduced and be more affordable.

4: Handmade Jewellery

My handmade jewellery is created from recycled glass that I melt into pendants in a microwave kiln. I quite often hand paint them. They can be elegant and also bold and dramatic,becoming statement pieces. They make lovely gifts and I also take commissions.


5 – Handmade cards

My handmade cards are all my original designs. I create images for a variety of special occasions. My cards can also be reproductions of my artworks and are ideal to send to someone special.





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