Protest Art

My Protest Art is about engaging closely with themes and ideas primarily relating to our society, change and environment. I am interested in how art supports and contributes to Protest and how it can connect people as well as raise awareness of what is happening.

Over the past three years I have been responding to campaigns and through my art.  I find this process engaging and inspiring.

I enjoy creating site specific work and painting these areas of concern plein – air. as it is a way of identifying with what is going on within the campaign and also understanding more about the places that are under threat.

Like many people I am concerned about our natural environment and wildlife. Nature is very important to me and I find painting a thoughtful process by which to communicate  to people concerning these issues.

Nature, Animals and Heritage are  main concerns. I believe we should be preserving our green spaces and our beautiful buildings. I also feel it is crucial to give up eating meat and dairy for the sake of animal welfare and to create more wisdom and compassion in our relationship towards animals.

waterloo dock
Painting at Waterloo Dock, Liverpool.
View from the Waterloo Dock – Acrylic on Canvas – 2019.
The Mersey at Night
Wildflower Meadow, Rimrose Valley – 2019
Painting in Rimrose Valley.
Water is Life – Standing Rock Protest Painting – 2016.
free the birds
Free the birds –  Oil on canvas.
In Search of The Pure Land
In Search of the Pure Land – Painting and embroidery 2019.
Goddess Trail
The Goddess Trail – Site Specific Work – Rimrose Valley, 2018.