Throughout my life, I have enjoyed photographing interesting texture, colour and architecture. Photography has always worked alongside my art practice supporting and contributing to my research and also I enjoy it. 

What first inspired me was seeing the sepia images of far away countries such as India photographed in old books. I was always intrigued by these far away lands. I loved the old images of temples in the desert and the landscape.  I also enjoyed the early black and white glamorous portraits of film stars and the every day and night photographs of Paris by Brassaï and Robert Doisneau, particularly their depiction of natural scenes of interiors, the Paris underworld and the romantic carefree life of the city.

It was after seeing an exhibition of Bauhaus art and photography that I became interested in photographing  urban architecture. The Bauhaus had inspired me and I looked for the beauty in buildings and everyday ordinary things, taking photos of buildings and objects and unusual compositions throughout my travels.  I was always intrigued by the contrasting shadows, angles and shapes of the Bauhaus.

During my early days at art college, it was Man Ray who inspired me, with his surrealist collage and what are in many ways ‘early digital effects’. Man Ray has always been a continuous and subconscious influence in my work.

In later years when I moved to Liverpool, I became introduced to photographers such as Tom Lodge with his magnetic street portraits of people on buses and in the city. This led me to become interested in the surprise element of street photography, capturing images that I felt established themselves as found art in their  own right. My sources for this subject matter are every chance things that catch my eye and that I feel have an interesting and unexpected poetics.  

In much of my photography, I am aiming to capture a sense of nostalgia or something that stands out as art in its own right. I like to capture the beauty of architecture, city nightlife, unusual every day scenes, people and objects. You can browse further photos I have taken on my flickr page

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