My portraits are painted from life and my imagination. My medium is traditional as well as New Media.

When I paint from life I am seeking to capture resemblance through traditional means using colour tone and shape. I wish to capture that person’s character and  atmosphere.

My portraits are also created through new media and sketching and layering my photography on my phone. This style of work is very spontaneous and expressionist in style. I seek to convey a person’s world when alone and uninfluenced by outside society.

Rebel – New media drawing – 2019.
Out and about the city – 2019 New Media drawing and collage.


My Imaginary  portraits of women are my own interpretation of people who have actually existed in history, people I have met and also fictional characters as if writing a story. I enjoy the creative and imaginative element of this process.  The portraits can be expressionist and minimal but also at times quite classical. I enjoy the feeling of placing these women in a specific time and place.

Lady with a Unicorn – 2019

Sometimes I use digital media and collage to manifest a persona.

Flowers that Flay and All but Sing, 2019.

At other times I will incorporate an element of fantasy or history as in my painting of Anne Boleyn with Elizabeth.

Anne Boleyn with Elizabeth – Acrylic on paper.

Autobiographical elements appear in my work at times and this work can be quite slick  and have affinities to street art.

Self portrait – Mixed Media – 2019.

At other times my portraits are quite staged and stylised  and involve me asking the model to pose in a particular way to resemble someone. For instance in this  digitally enhanced layered photograph of ‘Ophelia’.

Ophelia – Digital photography.

There are times when I enjoy painting spontaneously as in this imaginary and decorative painting.

Summer – Acrylic on paper.

I often enjoy looking inwards to my emotions and painting in a dream like way with particular focus on colour and atmosphere.

Chaska – Oil on canvas.