Painting from life allows me space to observe and connect with my subject.  Sometimes it is also about engaging spiritually with nature, something I feel is important in our society because we have become more dependent upon technology than ever before. Walking, discovering and painting my subject from life keeps me in touch and engaged with my surroundings.

Rimrose Valley – Oil on canvas – 2019
Rimrose Valley -Oil on canvas – 2019
View of Waterloo Dock – 2019 Acrylic on canvas
View from the Waterloo Dock – Acrylic on Canvas – 2019
The Old Bridge – Acrylic on Canvas – 2019

These paintings are about the concept of ‘place’.  I am seeking areas of interest and discovering those hidden, overpowered and neglected areas. At times there is an activist approach to my work as certain pieces are about raising awareness of environmental concerns and also highlighting the urban environment and heritage. I find myself enjoying the concept and sociological context of what I paint, expressing my work through realism, abstraction and sometimes channeling my work spiritually.

Lady with a Unicorn – 2019



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