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I have always enjoyed the process of drawing whether this be sketching from life, drawing from my imagination and experimenting with the boundaries of drawing.
Drawing has always been an important part of my work and I get much enjoyment from experimenting with a line and mark making.
My techniques include drawing on paper with ink, animation, digital drawing, photography, sewing and pouring of paint.
I enjoy challenging the traditional boundaries of taking a line on a journey.
I find stitch is very enjoyable. I like to use my sewing machine to create lines and texture.
Digital drawing is very satisfying as I find this a very spontaneous and immediate way to express myself. I have also enjoyed found art in terms of seeking the line and drawing  in the urban environment and street art provides me with a way to enjoy the creation of drawing through observation and natural drawings that surround us in every day life.
My drawing can also become illustration and quite often supports my writing of poetry and prose but I also draw because I enjoy the feeling of spontaneity, immediacy and also observation.
My drawing over the years has crossed over from physical paper to digital drawing. In recent years I have used my iphone to create much of my work, creating static expressive line drawings and also animation moving image films and experiments. I enjoy animation as it provides me with another medium in which to draw and to bring the work onto a level of performance.
I enjoy creating digital mark making and drawings that are very immediate and I feel using this method creates a different kind of drawing to that of using mediums such as paper and pen and manual mark making tools. My digital drawings are therefore printed and mounted either with or without frames depending on the context of their environment.
I find the idea of movement and bringing a line to life very interesting. I particularly like to keep the line moving without taking it away from the page. I feel there is something quite magical and therapeutic about this process just enjoying the movement and expression of the line.
A recent method I have used is pouring the paint on to canvas. I found it fascinating to allow the paint to become the instigator of the outcome of my work. It was very much a performance and allowed me to think about drawing in new ways.  I found the end result quite primeval and raw.
Sometimes, I enjoy sitting and drawing people, buildings and objects around me.
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