Visionary Art


The visionary art I create is very intuitive, embracing colour and narrative in a variety of ways in order to convey a sense of magical realism, an otherworldly space that comes from dreams and imagination and something that is very much about my inner thoughts, rather than anything too rational. I like to respond to a mood or something written such as a story or a poem.

My work is inspired by artists such a Odilon Redon, Gustave Moreau and William Blake. I enjoy creating mythological and spiritual landscapes where spectacular and mystical events take place. These scenes can be quite calm or they can be dramatic.

Sometimes, rather than painting from my head I will respond to stories and poems, for example, tales from Shakespeare, the Greek Myths, Religious texts, traditional Fairytales and Legends or even contemporary news. 

My travels to other countries have inspired me with my work. I have been particularly drawn towards Hispanic, Eastern European and French symbolism. I enjoy using collage and mixed media as well as painting with oils and acrylic.

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